A Short Journal Entry From An Autistic Game Developer

Hello everyone, Patrick King here. It has been quite a while since I have made a blog. Mostly due to how busy I have been. That being said, I felt like sharing a few words on my mind. For 6 months, I have been developing a game called “Isles of Legend.” The game currently has over 20 hours of gameplay, and I am proud of how everything has turned out so far. That being said, I haven’t been able to work on my game for quite some time (5 weeks from this blog post) due to the challenging semester I have this year. After working on this game, I definitely know that I want to become a game developer someday. I love everything from developing the story, creating the characters, developing and adding new mechanics to the game. But most of all, I love watching it all come together and to see people enjoy the game I created. People have called me crazy for how much I love creating a game that might not ever be popular, but I get fully invested into the game ideas I create (sometimes even feeling a lot of emotions). I have been creating game ideas since I was in the 3rd grade, and I have been updating them ever since. Most of my games even include new gameplay mechanics (knock on wood). After working on the game “Isles of Legend,” I have learned that my strengths include: character development, movesets, story development, character and gameplay balancing, and dialogue. That being said, I tend to over analyze things a lot. Negative thoughts enter my head on occasion, and I just have to remember that those things aren’t true. I can get easily depressed when life gets too busy, and I cannot work on my game. But I’m a firm believer that good things come to those who wait, and it is just trusting God’s perfect timing. Temple Grandin once said that life presents walls in our lives to test us on how much we want something. One day, I will work on a development team, and I will hopefully be able to create all the game ideas I have conceived since the 3rd grade. Thank you everyone who has supported me on my journey to design video games. I’m sorry this has been more of a personal entry and a tad selfish, but I want to let you all know I’m doing fine, and just get off what was on my mind 🙂 I hope to the people who read this blog to the end have a blessed day, and thank you for spending your time reading this selfish blog 😛

Brad Faces Alexzander Faces Kai Faces Squee Faces 2

The 4 main characters to the game I’m working on “Isles of Legend”


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