Character Blog #4: Dr. Insanity/Manny


Hello, and welcome to my fourth character blog. This blog covers the mad but tenderhearted doctor, Dr. Insanity. Much like the other blogs, I will be covering information about him, the inspiration behind him, and why I enjoy him so much as a character. Without further adieu, here is Dr. Insanity.

Who is Dr. Insanity?

Dr. Albert Insanity is a scientist who creates inventions that seem bizarre but have their uses. Presenting his ideas to SOOT (Scientific Organization of Technology), Dr. Insanity desires to make the next big invention capable of changing lives . . . and to have a huge payout. Dr. Insanity is old, poor, alone, and is found to be “a crazy old man,” but surprisingly he is very intelligent. He often drives to create inventions that many see to be impossible to create. He has created inventions such as shifting glasses, a portable jackhammer, a laser that can increase the density of an object, and even a science-fiction-like ray gun that actually works. He tends to waste a lot of money on his inventions, making him quite poor, but barely enough to keep a roof over his head. His inventions seem to be brilliant, but SOOT continually rejects his inventions. This drives Dr. Insanity into depression and anger, throwing his books until he second glances at one of the books, “Frankenstein.” This gives him the crazy idea of creating life artificially. He spends days, hardly having any breaks working on his invention and not having much progress, that is until he comes across a strange scientific breakthrough. He discovers a new element through his experiments. Through his new element that he calls “Freddie Mercury,” he discovers that it can create life to an object by giving off a bit of life from another being. It is then, Dr. Insanity creates the body of a young child, then uses the element to absorb 10 years of his lifespan and put it inside a machine that looks like joy buzzer. He buzzes his creation and in a huge surprise, his creation comes to life! Though he has the appearance of a 10-year old, he acts like a toddler and still cannot speak. Dr. Insanity looks after him like his own son and teaches him how to say a few words, how to walk, and a general education. His manikin-like son would later be called Manny. Dr. Insanity presents Manny to SOOT but they become disgusted, calling what he did witchcraft (yeah, scientists calling what he did witchcraft) and told him to never come back. Finding a low paying job in Betelgeuse Co. he eventually affords his son to have an education but after the schools heard what Dr. Insanity did to create Manny, they rejected him. Was his invention a mistake? Will Manny be able to have a normal life? It is not until one night turns their lives upside down. His house gets attacked by strange creatures that seem to have a liquid-like appearance being led by a woman who is also liquid in appearance. She demands that he and his son come with them so that they can use their talents for their master. As tempting as her offer sounded, Dr. Insanity knew they were up to no good, so he refuses and fights his way out of his house bringing his son and his inventions. They spend a couple days homeless until they come across another bizarre enemy, this time succeeding in capturing them. He finds himself and his son in a strange world, being surrounded by people who appear to look like ninjas. He overhears how they plan to capture a princess and also take her to their master. Dr. Insanity and his son are able to quietly escape and figures they might as well try to save the princess. They could get a good profit out of it. Upon sneaking into the castle during the attack, Dr. Insanity comes across a girl named Dollface, trapped behind bars. He frees her and eventually they run into the Toymaker, who struggles to fight back against the ninjas. After rescuing him, they team up to defeat their leader. Dr. Insanity fails to receive his pay, but he decides to stick around with Toymaker and Dollface. Eventually, this leads them to forming a team. Dr. Insanity and his son stay in Dollface’s secret layer, spending much of his time creating new inventions and training his allies. He plays a big role in making his team stronger and wiser. He becomes attached to them and acts as diplomat to them.

Why is Dr. Insanity “Crazy”

Dr. Insanity suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. This sometimes leads him to

  • Extreme forms of anxiety, depression, rage, or even joy
  • Extreme reactions to criticism on his inventions or son
  • Expresses emotion in exaggerated or theatrical ways
  • His emotions can change rapidly and unpredictably

Why does He Care So Much for Manny?

Dr. Insanity always longed to have a child. All he ever wanted was to have a family and be able to create world changing inventions with them. This failed when Dr. Insanity found out he was not too good with people and people thought he was a weird and crazy person. Upon creating Manny, he treats him like the son he has always wanted. Manny brings him lots of joy and helps keep him away from his depression. And in return, Dr. Insanity brings lots of joy into Manny’s life. Dr. Insanity’s dream is to put his son into society and they accept him for who he is.

How is Dr. Insanity in Battle?


Dr. Insanity is unique in that he acts like a double unit. He fights with Manny riding on his back, piggy back style. They can do attacks together or they can separate into two units with Manny doing his own actions. Manny has his own health bar and it is equal to half of Dr. Insanity’s health, making him have less health than the other party members. This means you have to be especially protective of him. When riding on Dr. Insanity’s back, he is immune from being damaged. While Manny is separated from Dr. Insanity, he will perform his own actions. He can hold weaker enemies in place, making them unable to take an action that turn, attack them, heal other allies with his own health, and more. Manny’s stats are not that great and Dr. Insanity is fairly low on the attack power department but Dr. Insanity has a couple tricks up his sleeve.

What Makes Dr. Insanity Shine in Battle?

Dr. Insanity uses his inventions and even the joy buzzer containing his element. The joy buzzer is used to give and take away stats from himself and other units. This means he can tag an enemy with it, decrease their attack power and increase yours. Dr. Insanity is also generous with his buzzer. This makes him to give off some of his own stats to other team members. Giving off stats to Manny can also give interesting results. Manny ends up receiving doubled the stat you give him and it also affects his actions. For example, giving him an attack boost with make him attack enemies more often, giving a defense boost will make him focus on staying alive, etc. Stats can stack and so will their influence in his actions. Giving stats to Manny, then stealing them and adding them to other members on the team is a quick way build your team up and stealing stats from enemies is a great way at crippling them. Dr. Insanity also has a wide variety of gadgets that he can use for offense, defense, healing, and more! It seems like a great idea to separate the two to gain multiple stats, but they are also quite powerful when they attack together. Giving all the stat boosts to Dr. Insanity while Manny is on his back can be a great strategy at building a powerhouse. Dr. Insanity plays the role as a support character very well, while being able to hold his own pretty well too. If Dr. Insanity loses all his health in battle and Manny is still alive, he’ll trade all his health to revive his father. Dr. Insanity can still work without Manny but he does not shine without him.

Dr. Insanity’s Climax Is Absolutely Groovy!

Dr. Insanity also has a meter known as a “Groove Meter” which has no effect until it is full. This meter builds by doing team attacks with Dr. Insanity and Manny. When it is full, you can choose to enter his climax. During his climax, any stat boosts on Dr. Insanity or Manny will double in value. Stats can be increased up to seven times and cannot go up any higher unless you use this climax, making a level 7 stat get boosted to level 14 which is huge! This can make Dr. Insanity and Manny the most powerful units on your team if you use this climax correctly. The climax itself only lasts for 5 turns and when its up, the stat boosts will convert back to what they were originally (level 14 will go back to level 7, etc.). This climax also heals both Dr. Insanity and Manny and gives them quite a jump to their step, allowing them to have a slight chance at dodging attacks and perform more damage from team attacks. The climax’s effects only last for 5 turns but the effects of it can be what you need to change things around.

Use the link below to listen to the theme I imagine them dancing them to and yes, they even do the correct dance moves to fit the song.

List of a Few Inventions

The Sci-Fi Blaster – Deals damage based on the original attack power of Dr. Insanity even if his attack power is decreased or increased.

Multilense Glasses – Deals minor damage but makes his next attack on that enemy 100% accurate and a critical attack.

Steel Curtain Blaster – Can only be used on himself, reduces the next attack on Dr. Insanity by 75%

Jackhammer Madness – A powerful attack that actually deals even more damage the less defense you have. The last hit deals minor damage to all enemies

Booster Seat and Diablo Bomb Combo – Prepares a counter attack. Has a chance of dodging an attack entirely and dropping a bomb on his opponent. Has a chance to backfire however.

Some of the Changes in Manny’s Patterns as He Gains Stats

Small Attack Power – Attacks enemies more often than other actions.

Large Attack Power – Sets Attacks as priority and can even do minor attacks to stun enemies and hurt enemies.

Small Defense Power – Defends and latches onto opponents more often.

Large Defense Power – Begins protecting his allies, healing them, and latching onto opponents more often

Small Accuracy Boost – Tries to give off status effects on enemies often

Large Accuracy Boost – Tries to give off even stronger status effects and tries to land his most powerful but low accuracy attacks.

The Inspiration Behind Dr. Insanity

There are actually a lot of characters that led to the creation of Dr. Insanity. I always longed to create a mad scientist. I wanted him to be crazy but I also did not want him to be evil. I eventually watched a strange video of an interesting take on a mad doctor named Dr. Weird. I took some of his over-the-top humor and transformed it into a more kid friendly humor. He also had an amazing evil laugh which led to the creation of Dr. Insanity’s maniacal laughs. During that time, I also discovered an interesting character after playing a not-so-good game called “Epic Mickey.” This game introduced me to a character called the Mad Doctor. His lack of teeth, facial hair, lab coat and gloves gave me a great idea on how I should make my character. I gave him the lab coat and black gloves along with a pretty definitive mustache, bald head, small glasses, and a cartoon-like smile with his lack of teeth. His son Manny was easily inspired from Frankenstein, but I also wanted to give Dr. Insanity a helper that would also give him a lot of joy. Who knew that Manny would grow to be an essential part of Dr. Insanity.

Dr. Weird Mad Doctor Dr. Eggman frankenstein

These characters led to the development of Dr. Insanity and Manny

Top Row from left to right: Dr. Weird, Mad Doctor

Bottom Row from left to right: Dr. Eggman, Frankenstein


As you can tell by how long this blog is, Dr. Insanity has a lot of character to him. More so than probably all the other characters in this game. I have treated this mad scientist with much love, time, and dedication. I hoped one day I could find a game to place him in and I finally have. Dr. Insanity should be a lovable character to the players who control him and his story gets better for him and Manny πŸ˜‰ These two were created during my Sophomore year in High School and I am very happy they have stuck to me since. This concludes the Dr. Insanity/Manny blog but next time I will cover the selfish princess with her own desires, Princess Sarah. I hope you all enjoyed this blog πŸ™‚

Dr. Insanity & Mannyphoto(3)


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