Character Blog #3: Dollface


Hello everyone, and welcome to the third character blog. This time I will be talking about the cute but deadly hero, Dollface. This blog will cover who she is, the inspiration behind her, and why I like her as a character so much. I revealed I was working on her April 2014 but did not end up talking much about her. Well it is time I finally do 🙂

Who is Dollface?


Dollface’s real name is Dolly Betelgeuse. She is the daughter to the rich Betelgeuse family where her mother is the head of the Betelgeuse Company. This company is in charge of developing and creating the latest technology. So I guess you could say Dolly’s mother is kind of like Steve Jobs. The only downside is that she hardly has anytime with her mother. She does however, spend a lot of time with her father and brother. She is quite spoiled but one thing is certain, she does love her family. Her father tends to buy her all sorts of dolls and even nicknames his daughter his little “Dollface.” Her brother likes hunting a lot, so he enjoys taking his sister with him. She later becomes very good with shotguns and rifles and her brother even jokes about it saying, “Boy I wouldn’t want to catch you on a bad day.” She lives quite a happy life, that is until many terrible events come into her life. It all begins when she randomly begins losing her vision. She finds out that she has glaucoma and that she might go blind. Through it was treated, Dolly still remains partially blind. This effects the ways shoots but after hard work and dedication, her brother helps her fire without even needing to use her eyes! Later the same year her brother and father helped her with her vision problems, her brother goes to war. Then the sad news comes later that her brother died in battle. This puts Dolly through a stage of denial, sadness, and anger. Eventually, this leads to Dolly wanting to avenge him by stealing the supplies she needs, then precedes to find out who killed him and kill them. She creates a dress by herself, paints her shotgun to the point it looks feminine with roses and bows on it, places contacts over her eyes to make her eyes look like doll eyes, and even puts a bow through her hair and changes her hair to look more like a doll. She hacks into Betelgeuse’s security system and is able to steal a lot of technology from Betelgeuse Co. without even being discovered. She then places some of the technology inside her dolls and begins using them as weapons. She eventually builds the reputation “Dollface” and becomes a threatening person in her city. Whenever the Necromancer eventually takes over her city, she does nothing about it. One day, she comes face to face with someone who changes her life, the Toymaker. She tries to defeat him, but the Toymaker flees, not wanting to harm a lady. After learning more about the Toymaker, she decides to find him, trap him, and learn everything about him. One day she eventually traps him and he is forced to battle his way out, but then unpredictable events gets them separated. When they meet again, they are forced to work together to escape a powerful foe. After spending a lot of time with Toymaker, she eventually has a change of heart and eventually leaves the emotions of her brother’s death behind her. She eventually joins the Toymaker and make quite a good team together.


Dollface is spoiled which makes her a bit of a child-by-heart but she is still caring, very smart, and crafty. She even makes a great leader for her team, even being one of the key members to come up with plans for the team. She also uses the secret underground portion of her mansion as a hideout and place of operations for her team. One thing that can make her scary is how much into a battle she can get. She makes it a priority to take out her foes and it is nearly impossible to know what goes on in her head. Her shotgun and dolls are a forced to be reckoned with in the hands of Dollface.

Dollface and Toymaker?

Yep! During the game you might notice Dollface have some feelings for the Toymaker. He does not feel more than just a friendship between them but events may change that later 😉 Be sure to be on the lookout for “Heart-to-Heart” opportunities, for some of them are pretty cute.

The Inspiration Behind Dollface

Surprisingly, Dollface came when I was working on an old board game idea. I was trying to come up with one more character which had to be a female, someone who could beguile other characters, and could not fly. I randomly came up with the name Dollface and almost immediately I got very excited. I thought of the character design and the more I worked on her, the more I felt she was similar to the Toymaker. It was eventually Dollface who led me to the idea of this very game when I thought of her and several other characters who used allies for battle but never had a game of their own. So thank you Dollface 🙂 I tried making her outfit as feminine as I could and I knew I wanted her to have a huge role in the game, which she does. Hilariously, she was also the first character I made in 2014 and she led to the creation of even more characters for this particular game.

How is She in Battle?

Dollface is unique in that no matter what attack she does, she cannot miss! Even if she is blinded or her accuracy decreases, she will always land her shots and send her dolls where they need to go. All of her dolls are low in health, but they make up with it by acting as traps, shields, powerful attackers, and more. She can also have up to four dolls out on the field at once and they always stand in front of a character she decides to put them in front of. This doll must be defeated in order to attack the character behind her, but some enemies might have attacks to hit everyone so do not rely on them too much. Dollface can also change the shells to her shotgun to change her attack properties. Some can increase the overall damage of her attacks, others might do elemental damage, status ailments, etc. and remember they never miss! Her attack power is actually pretty good but her health is on the poor side so protecting her might be best for long battles. Her “climax” taps a bit into her dark side. For 10 turns, the chances of her inflicting status ailments are as accurate as her attacks unless the enemy is immune, enemies will attack Dollface and her dolls less often, her attacks will always be critical, and after 10 turns are up, she unleashes a powerful satellite laser that will deal massive damage to all foes. Yeah, her brother was not kidding from earlier.

Some Types of Shotgun Shells

Power Shells – Increased damage (8 shots)

Anthrax Shells – Decreased damage but has a chance to poison enemies (6 shots)

Blindside Shells – Decreased damage but has a chance to blind enemies (6 shots)

Piercing Shells – Attacks pierce armor (8 shots)

Dragon Shells – Deals fire damage (8 shots)

Mermaid Shells – Deals water damage (8 shots)

Charm Shells – Decreased damage but has a chance to charm enemies (2 shots)

Wonder Shells – Who knows what will happen? 😛 (3 shots)

Some Types of Dolls

Agony Ann – Latches onto opponents, enemies must attack her to get her off. Deals damage overtime. After 3 turns she blows up.

Flava (Flay-vah) Girl – Shoots cherry, orange, strawberry, and other fruit shots that deal status ailments and are pretty strong too.

Bonnie Spazbear – If it survives for one turn, it disappears. After 3 turns in reappears as a jumpscare to the enemy and explodes dealing massive damage.

Electronica – Plays music that builds up stats overtime. There is also a secret if you have her out during a certain mad scientist’s climax.

Stitch Face – When attacked, it will continue to land powerful blows to that enemy each turn until she dies or her enemy dies.

China Doll – Most frail doll but some bulls are attracted to her. Go figure 😛 Also when she is defeated, the enemy who last attacked her will take damage.


So from this blog, I hope you took a lot from Dollface. She may look cute, but she is a force to be reckoned with in battle. That being said, she is still sweet and probably one of the more lovable characters. She is a special character who inspired me to make this game and I hope she will appeal to multiple players. Now that this blog is complete, its time to move on to the next character. This one will technically be over two characters but this character is personally one of my favorites and fights very differently than most RPG characters do. Next time, I will talk about the mad doctor, the definition of crazy, but caring of his artificial son Manny, its Dr. Insanity!

Dollface 2Dr. Insanity & Manny


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