Character Blog #2: Necromancer

Hello everyone, and welcome to my second character blog. In this blog, I will be talking about the short-tempered summoner of the undead, the Necromancer. This blog will cover the inspiration behind him, everything you will need to know about him, and why I like him so much.
Who is the Necromancer?
The Necromancer’s true name is Alvatorius Mutel (al-vah-tore-ee-us m-you-tell) or often nicknamed Alvis or Necro. Alvis is from a dimension called “Mortis,” where men and women live through an aura known as a vital stream. (I will explain later it in the blog and will explain how Alvis has his powers). He has the power to summon the undead and have them aid him in battle. He is quite gifted for his age, being able to summon stronger beings earlier than most necromancers. This might have to do with him being trained by his father, “Nosferatu.” Nosferatu is quite old in appearance, but he is the most powerful and feared necromancer alive. Being Nosferatu’s son, Alvis becomes cocky, uncaring, short-tempered, but also very serious in his training. He also trains with his best friend Goban, who reflects Alvis’ personality. One day, Alvis comes across two pieces of metal. These pieces allow him to teleport objects from one piece to the other piece. When using the metals too much, he accidentally rips a hole into his dimension and gets sucked in. He is then teleported into another dimension where there are humans who do not live by the vital stream. But suddenly, he realizes an even bigger problem: the metals that brought him into the dimension have disappeared. He uses his necromancy to take over a town with an undead army. This gives him the reputation of Necromancer, and it is not until five years later that he finds the metal on a strange person who calls himself the Toymaker. After being defeated by the Toymaker, a dimensional hole rips open, and he decides to go into it. He is joined by the Toymaker. The hole takes them back to Mortis, where the Toymaker is locked up as a prisoner, and Alvis’ town rejoices for the return of Nosferatu’s son. But this is not the last time Alvis will be running into the Toymaker. In fact, these two become bitter rivals, having a deep hatred for one another. But fate has led them to meet for a reason, and you will see why in the “Spoilers” section.
The Vital Stream
The vital stream is connected to every being’s life stream in Mortis and is separated into 5 parts: vivens, moriens, judicatus, benedictus, and messor. Vivens can only be accessed by those still living; it is the part of the vital stream that keeps them alive. They also have the ability to connect with people through the moriens, judicatus, and benedictus vital streams, which allows a person with vivens to summon them if they are bonded. Moriens can only be accessed whenever one person is about to die from old age. It is then that the person can bond with another person with vivens, then die afterwards. The person who received the bond might not be able to receive the benefits immediately, but their children might be able to summon them in the future through ancestral summoning. Then there are those who have died who only have either judicatus or benedictus. Judicatus, the undead evil souls, and Benedictus, the undead good souls, can be summoned by people with vivens if they bond well enough with them and are strong enough. Alvis summons most undead through the judicatus, but he will later use benedictus as well. Then there are the few who possess the messor vital stream. Messor is used by those who govern over the vital stream and make sure it is balanced. These elders have the appearance of a grim reaper with scythes being the source of their power. They cannot die themselves and are the ones who take care of the souls of the dead and are responsible for reaping the souls of those who are about to die. It is thought that a strong enough necromancer could summon one in battle, but that is only superstition . . . or is it?
The Inspiration Behind the Necromancer
Through movies and video games, the idea of a necromancer just sounded cool to me. A necromancer has not had that big of a role in video games except for general enemies. I was thinking of class ideas for a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game, and “Necromancer” just felt like a great addition. The ability to sacrifice health to summon undead and restore health to allies seemed great at the time, but sadly, I had to scrap my MMO game. However, I still wanted to keep the designs for both the Toymaker and Necromancer because they had a unique appearance and could be their own individual characters. The Necromancer wears a black cloak, black gloves, skull earrings (first character I ever made with earrings), black shoes, and dark purple highlights in the hair that covers his face, giving him a sort of emo/gothic look.
SPOILERS! . . . But Read This Anyway
After surviving a coliseum and being forced to work together with the Toymaker to escape, the Necromancer goes back home to his dimension. There his life turns upside down. His dimension falls into complete chaos, with his people fighting each other. Why are they doing this? He finds his father to gain answers. He meets with his father to learn that his dimension has received a death threat by the Dimensional Overlord Dimenticanos and must choose to either side with him or face sure annihilation. Alvis hates the idea of teaming up with Dimenticanos, but his father says they do not have a choice. Alvis tells his father of how he always looked up to for his bravery and now he cannot stand to see him be a coward. Though reckless, Alvis runs from his father and joins the resistance to flee his dimension. Alvis escapes, but he is the only survivor of the resistance. The Necromancer ends up in Toymaker’s dimension and runs into him and his team, but he finds that the Toymaker does not want to fight him. The Necromancer then, with every ounce of energy he could muster up, asks Toymaker if they can have a truce. The Toymaker agrees, and it is then that the Necromancer finally joins Toymaker’s team permanently. The Necromancer is a playable character for this game, which also means we have another section to add. How is he used in battle?
How is He Used in Battle?
The Necromancer has the most health out of all six playable characters, but he suffers in defense. He has the unique ability to summon up to two undead allies using his own health. The more powerful the undead ally is, the more health you have to give up. There is a way to recover some of the health you lost and also summon allies without having to use your health. It is from something known as Vitality Meter (VM). Vitality meter goes up through the attacks of your allies. Vitality meter can be used to heal, perform special attacks, summon allies, and perform Necromancer’s “climax” called “Ancestral Summons.” Ancestral summons can only be performed once for each ancestor and requires the cost of a full vitality meter and half of your current health. This will then replace Necromancer with a giant ancestral being capable of turning the tides in battle. The health of the ancestral being is also determined by how much health you gave. Their max health will be their health plus the amount of health you gave up. Later in the game, you will be able to release their true potential, but that is for another blog in the future. He plays a great attacker role and is also good at healing the party and surviving for a long time. He is a pretty vital character for long, drawn out battles.
A List of a Few Undead Allies
Skeletal Warriors, Succubus’, Djins, Hexed Masks, Arch Skulls, Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Ghouls, Banshees, Poltergeists, and more!
3 of the 5 Ancestral Beings
Iron Golem (Melog Nori) – Most durable of the 5. Earth attacks that can hit every enemy,
Ifrit (Tirifi) – Fire attacks, can increase its own stats, deals attacks that damage over time, heals from fire attacks.
Wight (Butler Wright) – Can attack twice in a turn, capable of giving off multiple status effects to enemies, and is capable of healing, increasing the stats of allies only. He is very frail however.
Necromancer does not have the most likable personality but he will grow and learn during his adventure. I feel he grows the most out of the protagonists, and you will feel for him as well. Necromancer has been a ton of fun to work on with his one-liners, angry but cool personality, unique playstyle, and how much emotion he displays later on in the game. I hope you enjoyed this blog and look forward to the next one where I cover a character who teaches people not to judge someone from just a pretty face, Dollface!

NecromancerDollface 2


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