Character Blog #1: Toymaker


Hello everyone, and welcome to a special blog where I talk about a specific character and how I reveal everything about them, the inspiration behind such characters, and why I like them so much. Today I will be discussing about the leading protagonist of my most recent game. The jolly hero who puts others before himself with a deceiving personality, we have the Toymaker.

What Was the Inspiration to This Character?

There was a period where I had new game ideas left and right and one game in particular called “The Hero’s Journey” was an idea of a MMO (massive multiplayer online) game. Each player would have to master multiple classes with each one having unique traits. Some were very generic such as Warrior, Thief, Mage, etc. while others were more unique. I started creating classes such as Royal Guard, Sniper, Necromancer, and even Toymaker. Eventually the idea was scrapped due to the fact I knew it would not be as popular as other MMO’s. Though the game idea was scrapped, the Toymaker and Necromancer stuck with me because I loved their design and personalities. I also thought that they would make great individual characters as well.

The Toymaker class was inspired by my love for super heroes and a character from a television show who’s name is “Yatterman.” Though I never watched the tv show, the overall character design of Yatterman from the game “Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars” looked pretty cool to me. His white jumpsuit, red mask, and his spunky personality. Yatterman uses what’s called a kendama as a weapon. It is pretty much Japan’s version of “ball in a cup” but having that toy as a weapon I thought was brilliant. As for the Toymaker, I took Yatterman’s spunky personality with a mask to conceal his face but then added my own flavor to him. The kendama inspired me to make this character centered around toys and eventually helped me come up with the name “Toymaker.” The differences that the Toymaker has from Yatterman is that Toymaker’s outfit is a white coat with black pants, his hair is much shorter, his mask is black, he attacks with a hammer, yo-yo, and actual toys, he’s older, has different motivations, and has two different personalities.


Yatterman, the character that essentially led to the creation of the Toymaker

So Who is the Toymaker?

Without the suit, Toymaker is a 19-year old boy named Bradley Mills (hope you catch the reference 😛 ) who has a part-time job in robotic engineering. Outside, he has smooth hair, a professional demeanor, and comes off as somewhat intimidating but he is also shy. I usually like to use Cheron from Pokemon as a good reference in terms of appearance.


Cheron from Pokemon Black & White 2

Now I know what you’re thinking, this kind of personality does not seem to fit the appearance of the Toymaker or relate to the “jolly” personality I spoke of earlier. On the outside he’s a bit of a shy nerd but in the inside he is still a child, loves toys, reads comics, and very outgoing. Why does he hold back his outgoing personality? It is because his father never liked his personality, to stop playing with toys and grow up. This is the reason he hides his true personality. When his father eventually dies, he blames himself for his death and inspires to make his father proud. One thing he did not predict however, is whenever a Necromancer takes over his city and events in his life turn upside down. For five years, a Necromancer takes over his city, controlling the undead in search of a specific element. Many have tried to bring him down, but none have succeeded. One day, Bradley comes across two pieces of metal that allow him to teleport one object to the other metal. He then looks at his robots and comics and gets an idea. He uses his metal for shenanigans first, but then he learns that his metal can be used to defeat the Necromancer. He then creates a suit, places his metal inside a portable hammer, wraps a yo-yo around his right arm, and uses the robots/toys he created by using the metal inside his hammer to teleport them into battle. Another thing the Toymaker uses to hide his identity is a mask and uses his true personality as quite a coverup. The Toymaker is an outgoing hero that seems to always be in a good mood. His look is deceiving and he is quite intelligent, always taking precautions before going into battle and making great use of his arsenal. Upon defeating the Necromancer, he chases after him into his world and it is there where his adventure begins. The Toymaker will eventually team up with 5 other heroes to face villains aiming to take over the universe. The Toymaker becomes a leader, and is usually one of the key members coming up with the plans for the team. He is a character I developed in Middle School and he is one of my favorite characters I have created.

How is he in Battle?

Toymaker’s stats are near average but with attack power and health being higher than usual. The Toymaker is unique in that he can summon up to three toy allies on the field at once, each with their own unique moves and attack on their own. He uses what is called MM (Matter Meter) to summon his toys. He builds it up simply by not using it. It will gradually increase over time. Matter Meter can also be used to combine two (level 1 toys) of the same toys together into stronger toys (level 2 toys). Each character has a “Climax” or ultimate ability, the Toymaker’s is called “Playtime” which allows him to combine two specific level 2 toys into a level 3 toy, capable to protecting Toymaker or even the entire party until it is defeated. Toymaker is mostly used for offense but he can be great for defense and healing with specific toys. Each toy has the potential of making Toymaker any type of character you want him to be.

Some Toys the Toymaker will Be Able to Use

Level 1 Toys

‘Lectro Bot – Electric attacks, not too durable but has a chance to stun enemies

Toriterasu – Fire attacks, durable

Hypnosa – Confuses enemies and increases stats to team members

Onion Knight – Very powerful, not too durable, can give stench status ailments on opponents and can follow up attacks.

Fairy Nurse – Quite durable, heals allies, cures status ailments, and can steal health from enemies

Moley Mole – Earth attacks, durable toy capable of dodging attacks, will always follow up after attacks

Skyscraper – Incredible durable toy capable of defending allies

Robosaur – Very powerful and even more powerful if attacked, pierces through armor with every attack.

Level 2 Toys

Static King (2 ‘Lectro Bots) – Electric attacks with a fair chance to stun enemies

Toritaratori (2 Toriterasus) – Fire attacks, fairly durable, and can attack twice in one turn.

Subconsciousette (2 Hypnosas) – Gain higher level stat boosts, and has a fair chance at confusing enemies

Onion Sensei (2 Onion Knights) – Very strong capable at landing even more hits than usual, fair chance at follow up attacks, and has a fair chance at landing the stench status ailment.

Fairy Surgeon (2 Fairy Nurses) – Quite Durable and can heal even more health than usual. Still cures status ailments, steals health, and can even revive fallen allies

Master Mole (2 Moley Moles) – Earth attacks, fairly difficult to hit and will always follow up attacks

Starscraper (2 Skyscrapers) – Extremely durable, capable at protecting allies, and can deal decent damage

Mechasaur (2 Robosaurs) – Extremely powerful and gets even more powerful when attacked, can pierce through armor and can decrease enemy stats

Level 3 Toys (Climax)

Electric Emperor (2 Static Kings) – Deals massive electric damage and has a high chance at stunning multiple enemies

Toritakatoriterasu (2 Toritakatoris) – Deals massive fire damage, extremely durable, and can attack twice in one turn

Cerebra (2 Subconsciousettes)  – Gain even higher stat boosts, decent power, and can easily confuse enemies


The Toymaker has been with me since Middle School and is definitely one of my favorite characters I have ever developed. He is a silly super hero that I feel will make a wonderful leading character. This hero is sure to bring out some joy to the players who play as him. I hope you enjoyed my blog of the Toymaker and will look forward to my next blog where I cover the next character . . . the Necromancer!

photo(1) Necromancer


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