My New Game Idea. What its Like? What its About?


Hello everyone 🙂 It has been awhile. Instead of talking about my thoughts on game ideas, this time I would like to share a particular idea I have been working on for this year (2014). The game idea itself is still being worked on, but I am happy to say that it is about 80% complete on the developmental side. The name itself is still being developed, but the story, gameplay, characters, etc. are determined. I feel overall happy on how the game is turning out.

Where Have the Ideas Been?

Some of the reasons I have not shared my ideas much this year is because I always try to draw my pictures perfectly (despite not having the best artistic talent), and since almost every character has a great amount of detail to it in my head, I become afraid to write down pictures on paper and instead use text to transfer my ideas. I have had to learn that my pictures do not have to be perfect, just enough to convey the ideas I am thinking of. Second, this game idea was almost scrapped when I hit a huge writer’s block and could not think of any great ideas for weeks. I came back to the idea later with a “sure, why not” attitude, and sure enough, great ideas were pouring like a waterfall.

What Type of Game is This?

This game in particular is an Action-Adventure, Strategy RPG. Much like Final Fantasy and other traditional RPG’s, the battle system requires the player to give their characters orders which they will proceed to follow and then have the enemies carry out their actions. This formula has been used time and time again; however, the characters you have control of play very differently from one another. One can summon multiple allies and fuse them into stronger allies, while one steals stats and works together with a sub-unit, or one who can never miss attacks and set up traps versus one who can carry out two actions in a single turn. There are also other elements such as upgrading, exploration, side quests, heart-to-hearts, etc.

What is the Game About?

When a town is terrorized for 5 years by a Necromancer, an unexpected hero must rise to the occasion. A boy named Bradley Mills finds an unusual metal that allows him to teleport objects from one place to another. He creates robotic toys able to fight back and arms himself with a hammer, yo-yo, diverse personality, and outfit to hide his identity. Thus the Toymaker is born. After defeating the Necromancer, he chases after him only to begin his even bigger adventure of defeating a dimensional overlord who has conquered multiple dimensions and killed billions. The Toymaker will make multiple unexpected allies along his journey, all of which will be linked to the Toymaker’s metal. More specifically, the element inside the metal. The game will feature epic as well as heartfelt and funny moments and will even include interesting twists to the story. The whole story also takes place inside a comic series so expect some elements such as action, chat, and thought boxes, etc. Can six very different people take on an army and dimensional overlord and save the universe? That is up to you, the player 😉

Blogs Coming in the Future

I will be posting future blogs about characters, gameplay elements, and more. So stay tuned. My next blog will be all about the protagonist to this game, the Toymaker!